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{OCS} COD4 Sniper Guide

*Sniper Guide*
A Call of Duty 4 MOD Realized & Created by {OCS}xPaPaDx

Upon entering our server, players will see the WELCOME screen with associated rules and information.
Next is the Class Selection screen with ONLY the SNIPER class available.
We've included pseudo-ranking with NO UNLOCKS just for bragging rights in order to even out the playing field!
We like using raw skill, NOT perks and weapon attachments to play our Stealth Sniper MOD!

After selecting your class you will "spawn" in the map and hear the custom {OCS} welcome which tells you what team you're on!
The MOD will show the message:

"hit the [USE] key to open the customize-a-player interface"

In the center of your screen.
Continue to press the [USE] key to cycle through the player skins available PER MAP on the map start!
as the on-screen message explains during the "skin" selection, press the MELEE key when you see yourself wearing the 'skin' you want.
You will immediately spawn with:
  • Primary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (M40A3)
  • Secondary Pistol (M1911 - supressed colt 45)
  • 3 Healing Bandages
  • after a 20 second delay with each spawn
    (this prevents spawn spamming of nades and claymores)
    you will be given:
  • 2 Claymores
  • 2 Frag Grenades
  • 2 Stun Grenades

We've listed these features below as a rough explanation of how our MOD Server operates differently from a stock COD4 server:

- Claymores may be picked up, moved, retrieved, disarmed, etc.

- Players can only run for 20 seconds, then you will start to be tired and eventually stop untill you rest.

- Players may only FULLY jump once in succession, then your next jumps will be significantly less each time 'till you can't jump without resting first.
(bunny hopping is ONLY 2 or more jumps. not just one to clarify!)
Resting is achieved through remaining still, or crouching or prone until the Player icon on the left-hand side of your hud is white for a full rest, green for a 3/4 rest, yellow for half, and RED for critical.

- Both primary and secondary weapons do ZERO Damage unless you're ADS (Aim Down Sight) or "sighted in" no matter how close or far from your target you are.

- When a player dies, they drop a health-kit, stun, frag and weapon ammo from the PRIMARY WEAPON (Sniper Rifle)

- Bodies disappear from the map in 2 seconds.
- Nades, Weapons and Health-kits dropped on death disappear from the map in 2 min.

- Points system for kills is modified as follows:
  • KNIFE=50
  • GRENADE=50
  • BARREL=50
  • CAR=50

these details are also in the sever messages at the bottom of your screen as you play.

- Once again: Upon 20 seconds from initial spawn, your claymores, stun and frag grenades will be unlocked preventing spawn-spamming of nades and claymores etc.
Teammate claymores are pointed-out via the FRIENDLY smile: enemies will not see this, as well as there are NO RED LASER LINES! Clays are RED tho...

- Voice communication is enabled per team only, and is a must for tactical and successful gameplay.

- Jump is significantly HIGHER than stock cod4, making it possible to explore high sniper-friendly places.

- YOU MAY NOT CAMP MORE THAN 5 Min. in ONE AREA. you will lose your weapons until you move if you do.

- As per the above rule, this is a STEALTH server; movement is required for kills and acquiring targets.
**This is not a lay on your stomach and shoot people across a void or camping out for hours in the same spot server!**

- This server is setup to require much skill to be successful, it will take you time to adjust to it. SOUND is 90% of this game! ...remember this when moving around etc.

- This is a -STEALTH- Enabled Server. Sound is MUCH less while crouching, and almost none while prone.

- Rifle: Zoom from 1x - 34x = ...through barriers= less damage.

- Pistol: low rounds, effective only at 40 yards or less, SUPRESSED, less lethal than rifle, and requires multiple shots to kill.

- Dolphin Diving (going straight to prone and shooting) is disabled on this server. (You CAN dive, your shot will have no accuracy)

- Players can BANDAGE their own wounds to stop from bleeding out/dying, by setting the BANDAGE key set in Multiplayer controls.
Players can also heal themselves.
- Teammates CAN use their bandages to HEAL other teammates as well.

I encourage players to ask questions about my MOD!
Did we miss anything? Please let us know!