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Story of {OCS}

* The Story of Out Cast Snipers *

Over the years I constantly stood up to cheaters and liars being douchenozzles.
I also called out thieves taking credit for my hard work and it got me kicked out of many "sniper" clans.
(I'm an experienced Coder/MODder/Server-Admin/Clan owner)
Sharing my work and passion for gaming with HONEST and RESPECTFUL people is what I enjoy!
I could not handle the abuse any longer so doing my own thing was WAY overdue!
Sticking around trying to make it work with these clowns wasn't worth it!
Enough was enough!
I became an 'OUTCASTSNIPER'!
The rest is history.
-2007 {OCS}MasterSeal -2024 {OCS}xPaPaDx

(OutCastSnipers.US | TAG= {OCS})
Power-hungry owners|admins like to cram as many players|members into their servers|clans as possible.
Cheaters, griefers, smacktards, idiots, etc. get in VERY easy this way and disrupt honest gamers!
(cheating bans, bad reputations IE social issues, stolen/pirated/modified games and more!)
We REFUSE to operate this way as we value QUALITY over quantity.

This clan is for gamers who will:
enjoy a structured|fair environment
interact using anti-cheat principles
encourage GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP among others
demand fair 'n' balanced gameplay for everyone!
abide by these principles at all costs!

We will NOT babysit undesirable behavior!
We expect everyone including our clan members to police themselves!
We’re a small clan on purpose: big clans breed too many asshats!
(ask me how I know... so many of these horrible groups still exist to this day!)
A smaller, more picky group of respectful friends is always preferred.

Are you looking for a clan home with our principles?!!?
We're rebuilding from scratch.
Membership and recruitment information coming SOON.
Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?
Send {OCS}xPaPaDx an Email!
Thanks for stopping by!